TEAM Trainer Certificate Program

Available through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Are you a professional or hobby sport dog trainer? Or do you just like to get recognition for what you can do?!

Then this program might be for you!

The Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is offering Fenzi Dog Sports Trainer Certificates.

These certificates demonstrate the student’s dedication to training for precision and skill in dog sports. The program’s goal is to recognize FDSA students who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to gaining both theoretical knowledge and applied skills. If you qualify for the certificate, then FDSA would like to recognize your persistence and results!

Two certificates are now available: The Sports Foundations Certificate (requires at least a TEAM2 title) and the Obedience/Rally/Freestyle Certificate (requires a TEAM3 title).

For more information, please visit the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy website by clicking the button below.

About Team

TEAM is a virtual titling program that focuses on excellent training progression. 

Each level adds complexity for the dog-handler team, presenting them with a wide range of interesting skills to master right from the start.

There’s no reason to hold back on distance work or jumping exercises while teaching your dog to heel!