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Training Excellence Assessment Modules

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TEAM Obedience

The original Training Excellence Assessment Modules emphasize components that create training excellence for any sport!


The Cooperative Care Certificate Training Excellence Modules demonstrate your dog’s comfort with grooming and  veterinary procedures.


The Nosework Training Excellence Assessment Modules test your team’s progress toward becoming an excellent nosework team!

Rally TEAM

The Rally Training Excellence Assessment Modules test your team’s progress toward becoming an excellent rally team!

Have titles in 3 or more of the Fenzi TEAM Tracks?

Apply to earn your All-Around Super TEAM title!!

If your team has earned a title from at least 3 of the 4 Fenzi TEAM Title tracks: Obedience, Nosework, Rally, or Cooperative Care…

Then you are eligible for our Fenzi All-Around Super TEAM titles!

We understand the dedication, and commitment to training required to successfully complete these milestones across multiple tracks and want to recognize your team, which is why the All-Around Super TEAM Title is FREE once you’ve completed your titles in the other titling tracks.

Fenzi TEAM Titling

The TEAM titling programs were founded by Denise Fenzi in 2016. They are designed to create a strong foundation for a variety of dog sports and life skills! 

The exercises encourage excellence in training — requiring precision at the early levels and then behavior chains, proofing, and advanced skills as the team progresses.

Thus the name…

TEAM stands for Training Excellence Assessment Modules for a program designed to help assess excellence in training!

Each level adds complexity in 4 areas:


Difficulty of Skills Assessed

Challenges from Distractions

Multiple Testing Locations

Quantity of Reinforcement

…To prepare you to compete in any sport or venue that you might enjoy!

How is TEAM Different?

Instead of focusing on finished behavior chains for any one sport early in the titling process (for example,  formal heeling for obedience or scent work for nosework trials), TEAM emphasizes that the dog-handler team demonstrates components that create training excellence for any sport.

TEAM players can complete tests and earn titles in a way that encourages excellent training — gradually increasing challenges while building complex chains of behavior over time and in a systematic fashion.

About Team

TEAM is a virtual titling program that focuses on excellent training progression.

Each level adds complexity for the dog-handler team, presenting them with a wide range of interesting skills to master right from the start.

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