Pre-Level Three

This is an optional title that handlers may choose after completion of level two and prior to submissions for level three.

The exercises are the same as Level Three.

Handlers may opt to attempt any or all of the exercises but must attempt a minimum of any six from the eight listed exercises.   A passing score will need five successful exercises.   Teams must complete at least one exercise without using an external reinforcer (food or toy).  This level requires that all reinforcers (food or toy) may NOT be kept on the handler’s body, will be kept in one location, and must be located within the video testing area. In exercises where a visible distraction is required, then the distraction, when given to the dog, IS counted as the external reinforcer.

Exercises that are judged as a NY will receive a judges comment explaining where the exercise has not met criteria.

Once this level is completed, the title “TEAM3P”, may be added after your dog’s name.