L4 Exercise 6: Video Examples, Details and Judging Criteria

Exercise 6:  Scent discrimination with retrieve
Dog must retrieve a scented article from among four choices at a distance of 10 feet (3 m).

Purpose:  Demonstrate ability to select and retrieve the correct scented article.

Equipment: Four identical objects for scent work.

Exercise set-up:  The exercise begins when the handler gives a single verbal and/or hand signal for the dog to “stay” in any position facing away from the article pile location.  Handler then places three identical articles of his/her choice on the ground 10 feet (3 m)behind the dog and approximately 6 – 8″ (15 – 20 cm) apart. Dog must remain facing away while the handler places the three non-scented objects and then scents the correct article for approximately ten seconds before adding it to the pile.  Handler then returns to the dog and may offer his/her hand or a matching object to the dog before turning to send.   After a one second pause, the handler gives a single verbal and/or hand signal for the dog to find the correct article.  Dog may be sent directly to the pile (single cue to “find”) or the handler may pivot 180 degrees first before sending (single verbal and/or hand signal here to turn is permitted before the “send” cue is given).   Dog must go directly to the articles, find the correct article and return directly to either “front” or “heel” position. The exercise ends when the handler takes the article.

Scoring: Pass/Not Yet!

Non-qualifiers:  Dog does not hold a position while the handler places the scent objects.  Dog does not follow a single cue the turn, send or the turn and send.  Dog does not return with the correct object without additional handler assistance or cues.  Dog drops correct object on the way back to handler.  Dog does not return close enough for the handler to take the correct object.  Video does not permit the exercise to be adequately judged.



Video example:

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