L4 Exercise 3: Video Examples, Details and Judging Criteria

Exercise 3: Retrieve with two objects thrown on the ground
Handler throws an object at least 15 feet (4.5 m) forward. Handler and dog then pivot 180 degrees and handler throws a second object 15 feet (4.5 m) forward.   Handler and dog then do the opposite pivot 180 degrees back to face first object. Dog is then sent to fetch the object.

Purpose:  Demonstrate cue discrimination and retrieve.

Equipment:  Two retrieve objects (do not need to be identical).

Exercise set-up:  Handler holds two retrieve objects with the dog in a “sit” or “stand” at heel position.  The exercise begins when the handler cues the dog to “stay” and throws the first object at least 15 feet (4.5 m).  After the object lands, the handler will cue the dog to pivot 180 degrees (in either direction), and cue a “stay” while they throw a second object.  After the second object lands, handler will cue a 180 degree pivot in the opposite direction used in the first pivot, and now face the first object.  The dog will then be cued to fetch the first object with a verbal and/or hand signal. The dog will return to the handler without additional cues, and show a formal front (sit front or stand front) or go directly to heel position.  Dog will hold object for two seconds before releasing the object. The handler will then take the object after a two second delay.  The exercise ends when the dog releases the object to the handler.

Scoring: Pass/Not Yet!

Non-qualifiers:  Dog does not hold a “stay” while each object is thrown.  Dog retrieves the incorrect object.  Dog does not return to the handler with the object.  Dog drops the object before the handler can take it. Handler cannot take the object without stepping forward to the dog.  Dog does not show a formal front (sit or stand acceptable but must be consistent throughout the level).  Handler gives additional cues for any portion of the exercise.  Video does not permit the exercise to be adequately judged.


If you compete in another organization that requires an automatic return to either front or finish, then stay consistent so as to not confuse your dog.  If your object throw is not 15 feet, simply go get it and try again!

Video Example:

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