L3 Exercise 3: Video Examples, Details and Judging Criteria

Exercise 3: Pick up retrieve object with distractions
Dog is cued to pick up any desired object from the ground and deliver to hand in the presence of distractions.

Purpose:  Demonstrate focus on retrieving the appropriate object in the presence of distractions.

Equipment: Any object that the dog can pick up.  Optional Bowl. Treats/toys.

Exercise set-up: Handler places or drops an object on the ground; it cannot be thrown.  Handler will place a bowl of treats on the ground within 2 feet (0.6m) of the object, or alternatively, the handler may hold a cookie in his/her open hand within 12″ of the dog at nose level or lower – it should obvious to the judge that the dog is aware of the available treat.   The exercise begins when the dog is cued to pick up the object.  The dog is not required to stay before the pick-up, so the handler may give the cue as the dog is in motion towards the object. The dog must pick up the object and deliver it directly to the handler close to the handler’s front. The dog may sit or stand at the delivery but a “straight front” is not required.  The handler will then take the object ending the exercise, after which the dog may be cued to eat the distraction treat, if desired.

Scoring:Pass/Not yet!

Non-Qualifiers: The dog does not pick up the object on the first cue (if given). The dog drops the object instead of delivering it into the handler’s hands. The dog is not close enough to the handler’s front at delivery forcing handler to reach out towards the dog.  The dog attempts to eat the treats out of the bowl or handler’s hand at any time after the exercise begins but before it ends. The dog requires an extra cue to bring the object to the handler.  The handler has to “catch” the object.  Video does not permit the exercise to be adequately judged.

Tip:  It should be obvious to the judges that the dog is choosing between the distraction and the cue to retrieve.


Video Example:

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Can’t see video?  Click here