L1 Exercise 1: Video Examples, Details and Judging Criteria

Exercise 1: Engage the dog for 10 seconds without formal cues and show focus in heel position
Handler engages the dog for 10 seconds of playful interaction and then sets up in heel position for one to two seconds.

Purpose: Demonstrate control even when interacting with the dog in an informal situation.

Equipment: None

Exercise set-up: The exercise begins when the handler starts to engage the dog using personal interaction, without the use of visible food or toy. The handler may run with the dog, pet and cuddle the dog, playfully grab the dog’s feet, or show anything that involves personal interaction with their dog for 10 seconds. Tricks such as spins, hand touches, etc. are allowed, if desired. During this time the dog’s attention should be on the owner. The dog does NOT have to continuously face the handler as long as he/she continues to engage even when facing away (for example, the dog runs a small, happy circle and then returns for more engagement).  This part of the exercise ends after 10 seconds, at which point the handler should move the dog smoothly into heel position (verbal and/or hand signal to heel position are acceptable).   This component begins when the dog is in position and looking up at the handler.  The dog must then show focus on the handler for one to two seconds, after which the exercise ends.  The use of a front foot target or platform is optional for the focus in heel portion of the exercise.

Pass/Not yet!

Dog leaves the handler or is actively disinterested in the handler during the 10 seconds. Dog appears distressed by the interaction. Handler unable to get the dog to engage. Handler uses formal cues to make the dog stay close, such as cuing the dog to “heel” or “stay”.  Handler uses a visible toy or food to aid the interaction.  Dog does not maintain focus for 1-2 seconds in heel position.  Video does not permit the exercise to be adequately judged.

Tips: This is simply gentle play or whatever works best for your dog – movement is not required; we just need to see a ten second stretch that ends with a full 1-2 second set up in heel position.

Video Examples:

1. Quiet dog with a quiet interaction

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2. Very lively dog with energetic interaction (note – no focus in heel included)

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