L1 Exercise 9: Video Examples, Details and Judging Criteria – no change July 2017

Exercise 9: Identify correct article (out of three) by scent.
Dog correctly indicates the handler’s scent (or Nosework scent) from among three objects.

Purpose: Early introduction to scent work lays the groundwork for more advanced skills.

Equipment: Three identical objects of any type or material.  Nosework scent oils optional.

Exercise set-up:  Food may be placed in the scented object.  Handler scents the object by holding it in his/her hand for about 10 seconds.  Alternatively, a nosework scent oil is placed inside the object.  With the dog in a stationary position, the handler places the three objects on the ground at least 8″ apart.  Handler must be sure that the judge can identify the scented object.  If the dog watches the article placement, the handler should toss a cookie a few feet away or send the dog around a cone to get the dog away from the collection before cuing the search.   Alternatively the handler may block the view of the dog while placing the article.  The exercise begins when the handler cues the dog once to find the scented object and ends when the dog has clearly identified the correct object, either by moving it with his/her nose, holding his/her nose in place near the object, or simply picking it up.

Scoring: Pass/Not yet!

Non-qualifiers: Judge is unable to identify the correct article based on the dog’s reactions.  Judge is not sure which is the scented article based on handler’s movement, object placement or the angle of the video.   Dog indicates an incorrect article. Handler talks during the exercise.   Dog views handler placing article and is not sent away from pile before searching.   Video does not permit exercise to be adequately judged.

This exercise should be performed directly in front of the camera so it can be clearly seen.  To qualify, be certain that your dog’s indication is obvious and distinctly different from your dog’s behavior on the other objects.

Video examples:

Nosework scent with an indication:

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Handler scent with indication:

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