L1 Exercise 3: Video Examples, Details and Judging Criteria – updated July 1, 2017

Exercise 3: Find “front” position from 6 ft (2 m) away (straight and one angle) with foot target/platform

Following a cookie toss or circling a cone, the dog is expected to “find front” position from straight ahead and one angle with the assistance of a foot target/platform/box.

Purpose:  Demonstrate strong foundation skills and knowledge of criteria in “front” position which are hallmarks of excellence in obedience training. 

Equipment: Foot target or platform/box. Cone for alternative to cookie toss.

Exercise set-up: The exercise starts with the dog in front position on the target/platform/box. Handler will repeat this exercise two times (right angle OR left angle and send straight ahead) using either a cookie toss or send-around-cone to send the dog away. Handler must be stationery with a neutral body position with arms at sides as the dog begins the return path. Each “front” repetition may be cued. If using cone straight ahead for both repetitions, it must be at least 6 ft. (2 m) away from the foot target or platform, and the handler will have to move the platform or rotate around the foot target to stand at a right or left angle. For the cookie toss (to the right or left and straight ahead), the handler remains stationary facing forward for both components. The tossed cookie should travel at least 6 ft. (2 m) away from the platform/foot target. The exercise begins when the dog is sent away the first time and ends when the dog stops moving in the final front position. The dog is not required to “sit front” and may stand as long as the “front” requirement has been met. The dog must be close and straight within 30 degrees. The dog may be verbally praised between repetitions. Any external reinforcement (excluding reset food toss) may only be given at the completion of the entire exercise.

Scoring:Pass/Not yet!

Non-Qualifiers: Handler does not demonstrate both repetitions of “front”.  Handler does not demonstrate an adequate left or right attempt. Dog does not “find front” within 30° of straight, facing the handler.  Dog does not come to the handler on one cue or handler cues multiple times. Handler moves or uses hands in an attempt to help the dog find front position.  Video does not permit the exercise to be adequately judged.

Tips: Using a full platform versus a flat target will structure your dog into a straight sit, making success much more likely!   If you choose to use a flat target be aware that the dog must still be within 30 degrees of straight.   If using any hand signal be sure to be brief and return immediately to neutral position with hands at sides.

Video Examples:

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