Registration and Payment FAQ

How do I register my dog?
Follow this link and read the directions. Registration is easy!

If I have multiple dogs, can I receive a registration discount?

What do I need to do to compete for Fenzi TEAM titles?
1. Register your dog here
2. Train your dog to criteria!
3. After you receive registration confirmation and a registration number, you’re ready to go! Submit your trial application using the link provided in your dog’s profile.
4. Your video will be assigned to one of our judges for review. You should be notified within one – two weeks by email if you have passed or if you need more training.

Can I pay by check?
No. Our payment system is fully automated and requires either a credit or a debit card.

What is the cost to register a dog?
$20 per dog. When your dog is registered you will receive an email with the registration number. Please take the time to spell your dog’s name and your personal information with care!

Does the dog’s registration ever expire?
No.  It is a lifetime registration.

What is the cost to enter a video?
$29 per video.