Competition Submission FAQ

How do I submit a video?
Upload your video to YouTube then send a link to your video with your submission. If you’re unsure of how to upload a video to YouTube, please search Google for assistance or visit the YouTube website. We cannot provide technical assistance on how to use YouTube.

How long should the video be?
An average video should be about 5 – 7 minutes, depending on how you choose to set up your testing area and how quickly your dog works through the tests.  Maximum length of video is stated for each level.

May I read from a “cheat sheet” to follow the order of exercises?
Yes, but the less reading you do the more connection you will maintain with your dog! We would suggest familiarizing yourself with the exercises and their order in advance so that a quick glance is enough to move you to the next exercise.

Must I perform the exercises in the order as listed on the Levels Sheet?
Yes.  The exercises must be done in order, one after the other, performed correctly on the first attempt.

Can I do each exercise separately and edit the video together?
No. The video needs to be one continuous process from the start of the first exercise until the end of the last one. Your dog should be sufficiently well-trained through that level that he/she is capable of doing all of the exercises correctly, meeting specified criteria, continuously and in order.  If you find that you need to attempt the test several times then your dog may not be ready!  Go back to training, and fill in any gaps that you find!

Can I use an assistant to call out the exercises or to move equipment for me?
Yes, though some of the higher levels might specify that your dog hold a stay while the handler arranges equipment, in which case you would be required to move equipment yourself.  If a physical disability prevents you from moving equipment, then please contact us to discuss an alternative arrangement.

Can I use an assistant to help me place objects and take them away?
Yes, unless instructed otherwise for your specific level.

I’m not good at counting.  What happens if I’m supposed to keep my dog in a position for a given period of time, say two seconds, and it’s really only one?
We would suggest that you err on the longer side if you are unsure. For example, if we require a two second hold, consider going for three seconds instead.

What do I do with my dog between exercises?
It’s the handler’s choice what to do between exercises. You MAY place your dog on a mat, on a stay near you, or simply allow your dog to hang out. The dog should remain in camera view for the entire level.

How should I structure my session to be most efficient?
Each level offers a “sample” passing video.  Take note of where the equipment, camera, dog and handler are located throughout the test. If you set up a similar plan, you will find that the exercises flow efficiently.  You are not required to set up according to the sample, unless the level specifies a specific pattern.

I don’t want all of my props down during my entire video. Can I pick up objects and only put them on the ground when I am using them?
Yes, that’s generally fine. Our sample video is just that – a sample. As long as you go in order and maintain reasonable speed and flow, alternatives are fine.  At the higher levels, you will be told if equipment must remain down during the entire test.

What hand positions are allowed for heeling?
Acceptable hand position for heeling includes the traditional AKC/CKC positions (left arm may be centered over your waist or held down at your side, moving naturally in motion), or the FCI/ IPO position (hand down or held somewhat over the outside of your dog’s head.).  Please note that a target hand position is allowed in some early levels – please read the heeling description for each level with care.

What hand/arm positions are allowed while the dog performs the exercises?
With the exception of heeling,  your hands should be down naturally at your sides. Your hands should not move during an exercise except as necessary to offer hand signals. You may not hold your hand as a target together in front of your thighs to aid the dog in “front” position.

Do you have sample videos that will help me perform each level and exercise correctly?
Yes.  We have provided video examples of each exercise, including variations where appropriate. You can find those by selecting the level that you are interested in, and then scroll down to the specific exercise.  From there you will find a sample video.

Will my videos be made public?
When you register your dog for a competition, we will ask you if we may use your video for promotional or training purposes. It will be your choice.

In the future, you plan to have levels that provide more complex challenges. Can I see sample videos of those levels as well?
Not yet! Before we can offer sample videos of these highest levels, we need dogs that are actually trained to perform these highest level exercises, continuously and in order! As a brand new program, it will take time for dogs to reach those levels.

Do I need other people to train or create trial videos?
No. You can train and videotape your tests alone. At some point you will be testing in public, and you may find it easier to have an assistant.

How do I ask questions about each level?
Please take the time to read all of these FAQs and the criteria for each level with care. Your questions are extremely likely to be covered in one of those places. If you cannot find the answers then the next best option is to join the Fenzi Team Titles Facebook group, where other experienced participants can guide you.  If you still cannot come up with the answer, then send an email to:

How Do I earn Titles?
Please see our Titles FAQ for more information.